Samilpower provide you with value-added services:

one-stop sourcing platform

Solar panels

--Polycrystalline silicon materials
--255W-320W output power and other options
--high power generation, secure, environmentally friendly and Long-term durability
--Excellent low light power performance (cloudy, morning, evening)
--The output power is equal to or higher than the power value indicated on the nameplate
--10 years product warranty, 25-year linear power guarantee


--Moduling design, easy installation, high degree of standardization

--Strict quality inspection to ensure product quality

--more secure, stable, corrosion-resistant, longer service life

Combiner Box

- Maximum input strings can be up to 16 channels

- Protection class IP65

- Communication protocol Modbus

- Monitoring function

Integrative Solar Street Light

- Integrated design
- 40W-60W lamp adopts Bridgelux LED
- 10W-60W with High efficiency SunPower solar panel
- 3W-30W with PIR motion sensor
- High quality LiFePO4 battery
- Professional heat dissipation design, Professional waterproof design